Creepy costumes: radioactive Madame Curie

This year for Halloween, why not celebrate Marie Curie, the first woman to win the Nobel Prize?  The good news (for you, not for her) is that she died a gruesome death as a result of exposure to the radioactive chemicals she studied so she makes for a spooky costume.  Even now, her lab notebooks are so radioactive that researchers that want to look at them have to wear lead aprons!  Madame Curie’s official cause of death was anemia, so a little yellow or gray makeup would be appropriate.  You can mimic radium by cutting open an activated glow stick and pouring it in a test tube or flask (she used to like to carry her chemicals around in her pocket).  I found a Victorian-era skirt at a vintage clothing store, but any dowdy dress will do….creepy AND geeky! Happy Halloween!!!

Jennifer Leavey
I love to write about science, sing about science, teach about science and DO science! My favorite animal is Apis mellifera, favorite color is 440nm and favorite solvent is EtOH.