Wednesday, August 12, 2020
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Gordon Waller

Gordon Waller
Gordon is pursuing his PhD in Materials Science and Engineering and conducts research on lithium batteries. He likes cooking, textbooks, internet memes and the great outdoors. His viewpoint on science is that everything is more interesting when you understand how it works, also being able to impress (read annoy) your friends with your techno-lingo is a major perk.

Water: prankster of the natural world part 1

If you've ever taken a life sciences course your teacher probably mentioned one of several properties that make water particularly interesting. Water is cohesive...

Zinc has bigger game than you do

  Still struggling to pick out that one in a million Valentine’s Day gift? Worry no longer, because I have the perfect gift idea sure...

Even though Kim Kardashian’s marriage didn’t last, her engagement ring will. Like forever.

I have a joke for you:   How long does a two million dollar engagement ring buy you with everyone’s favorite (well, mine anyways) Kardashian sister?   As...

Sequins + Dress + Spotlights = Laserdress

I had a chance to catch some of the Golden Globes the other night. By had a chance I mean, I elected to watch...