Sunday, January 26, 2020
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Katie Lee

Katie Lee
Katie is a 3rd year Computer Science major at Georgia Tech. In addition to coding, she is very passionate about advocating for mental health and educating people about the psychology behind it.

Overcoming Depression at the Level of the Brain

Depression is a common but serious mood disorder that causes persistent feelings of sadness. Many people, ranging from young to old, suffer from depression....

Are All-Nighters in College Actually Beneficial?

In college, it’s hard to balance sleep and studying. Many students sacrifice sleep in the hopes that that time spent studying instead will positively...

Why Rejection Hurts

When people describe the feelings that result from social estrangement, they often use words that typically are used for describing physical pain, such as...

The Guinea Pig as a Pet

  Guinea pigs are one of the most popular small house pets and for good reason! Cute and communicative, they can form close bonds with...