Friday, April 3, 2020
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DJ Baker

DJ Baker
DJ is a third-year Computational Media Major at the Georgia Institute of Technology. They are a Science Fiction Research Fellow, a campus radio host and board operator, and the host of the Sci-Fi Lab Podcast. DJ is a writer, artist, web designer, animator, researcher, and programmer.

The True Nightmare


It is a truth universally acknowledged that any homework of significant difficulty is in want of long hours to completion. In this case, twenty...

Maria Sibylla Merian

Stephen Hawking Tribute Comic Review

“Tribute: Stephen Hawking” by Michael Lent and Brian McCarthy with art by Zach Bassett and published by Tidalwave Productions, released 2019.   I confess: I never...

It’s a ghost… it’s a UFO… It’s… Ball Lightning?

Lightning is a phenomenon that we are all familiar with. Everyone has seen it, and some people have been hit by it. What you...

Life and Laterality

I have spent my life struggling to open jars, use scissors, play video games, and shake people's hands because the world is built for...