Nicotine is Dope: a poem on vaping and addiction

What nice etiquette

Not to be burning a cigarette.

With flavors like Diet Coke

Instead of plain old smoke.

Youth claim to thrive

On something that resembles a flash drive.

But wait,

Maybe we should take five.


It seems vaping has strayed from its original intent.

It is no longer used to prevent.

And is now an addictive supplement.


Without trying to overreact,

Let me present some facts:

With every juice pod that is drained,

There are effects on the brain.

Research shows detriments to the prefrontal cortex –

An area so important for cognitive development…

Especially during adolescence!


This is what lower activity in this region can mean:

Difficulty choosing between

Or even troubles controlling the obscene…

Things that, quite frankly, are already hard enough for teens.


So make sure you look for the current research and stats.

So next time one says it’s healthier than cigarettes,

You can say, “Well maybe we should chat.”





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Siena is a Neuroscience undergraduate at the Georgia Institute of Technology. Her passions include education, writing and sustainability. When she's not studying or volunteering, she is preoccupied with a new DIY activity or art project.