Joe Mendelson

Joe Mendelson is a first-generation punk rocker who morphed into research biologist and conservationist. The only drawback to this career path is that his hearing is too damaged from playing in bands to hear the Neotropical frogs that he studies. He publishes in herpetology and conservation under the name Joseph R. Mendelson III and plays co-handles guitars and vocals in the science-punk band Leucine Zipper & The Zinc Fingers, pseudonym Gringo Perdido. He is Director of Research at Zoo Atlanta and an Adjunct Professor in School of Biology at Georgia Tech.
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Field Notes

Gringo Perdido — King of the Road

  “A repo man’s job is always intense” movie Repo Man (1984) Field biologists get themselves into situations that other normal people, including other scientists, just...
Hanks Robbed

The Art of Getting Robbed with Gringo Perdido

As a US citizen who travels internationally to conduct research, I’m well aware of the perception that gringos = $$. Sometimes that perception is...

Cultural Collisions with Gringo Perdido

In case you’ve ever wondered what happens to the items that are too lame to re-sell in thrift stores in our culture, they eventually...

The Ballad of Gringo Perdido

Herpetology and getting lost. These are the two driving themes of my life. They have shaped my career and enabled me to discover species...

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