Too Hot to Handle

As my previous article mentioned, this will be focused on what my role in The Devil Wears Science and what my group had accomplished for everything to run smoothly. I was in the group called Too Hot to Handle along with Sachit Swaminathan and  Ashmitha Aravind.

Below showcases what was going on since October 2022. You would think that it was mostly researching about the science behind our piece of clothing, you aren’t wrong, but we also had to take into mind the time limit in presenting our findings in a fashion show, why was it important, etc.


  • We divided into groups, one for each professor 
  • We started to through out ideas based off what everyone was involved in on campus or what they like to do (hobbies/clubs/organizations)
  • We came to an agreement to focus on bees
    • it was also due to that Dr. Leavey was our professor and she works with the bees
    • Dr. Leavey is the advisor of the beekeeping club so it was like we had a foot in the door before we started
  • She gave us ideas on what type of science to focus on:
    • heat exhaustion/heat stroke
    • beekeepers suits pros/cons
    • real world examples
    • other professions that deal with this
    • GT related research work

Dividing work within our group:

  • We all decided to research information about heat exhaustion, heat stroke, the science behind both of these topics, examples in the real world and any experiment/research that GT might be involved in related to our topic
  • Some specific topics that we focused on: prevention, treatment, consequences, examples, researchers at topic 

February – March:

  • Dividing into groups helped us obtain 5-6 different topics that we could discuss along with related clothing items.
  • We kept researching on our topics to focus on the main points, which eventually led to the writing of our script.
  • We had to keep our script within 5-6 minutes which allowed the model(s) to walk on the runway and for the audience to not get bored.
  • Deciding what we had to say and the time limit was harder than we thought. There was a lot of crucial information that we wanted to include but had to keep only the main points

March (me):

  • In addition to to the Too Hot to Handle research, I was asked to translate the Tagua nut group’s script to possibly present it in Spanish.
  • I received the script the week before and had time to translate it before our dress rehearsal.

    Dr. Mendelson and his friend that showcased in the Tagua Nut presentation

The Day Before:

  • We did a dress rehearsal in class to make sure each presentation was on time and that no group missed important information.
  • Me personally: I researched information about heat stroke/heat exhaustion and presented a script for my classmates to edit. 
  • I translated the script, presented them with any feedback and ran it to see if it was within the time limit. 

Day of event:

  • We got there 3 hours before show time to set up and make sure we didn’t forget anything.
  • We set up the room, music (+ DJ came), the presentation/slides for timing and smoother transition
  • Other than minor microphone issues, each presentation ran smoothly and within the time limit
  • In addition to our fashion show, we let the audience have their own fashion show. I loved how our event was so interactive and hope everyone enjoyed it.

    Our models

Extra information:

Claudia is an Biology graduate student at Georgia Tech. She loves photography, traveling, baking, and swimming. In her spare time she enjoys swimming, watching soccer, exploring new places and hanging out with friends. She is excited to research and learn new things in the world of science.