BTS: The Devil Wears Science

STEMComm Team!!

Whew! That was a rollercoaster of emotions. It has been a couple of weeks since our Atlanta Science Festival (ASF) event, The Devil Wears Science. We have been planning this fashion show since October 2022. All the hard work paid off and I couldn’t have done it without my classmates and professors. 

This article will be focusing on the what was done leading up to the event (like a behind the scenes):

October: ASF idea brainstorming 

  • We had to submit our proposal that had to include: title, teaser, price, audience, etc.
    • Event Description: During this event the audience will explore new scientific and technological innovations in fashion in the form of a fashion show. We will have presentations of fashion prototypes and ideas in science fields like textiles, chemistry, sustainability, engineering, and wearable devices. While presenters talk about the science and styles, models will show off these designs on the catwalk. At the end of the all the presentations, the audience will vote on their favorite designs. After the show, there will be a brief Q&A with the presenting scientists and fun networking opportunities. Audience members can participate by dressing up in their own scientific style for the opportunity to win small giveaway items like stickers, t-shirts, etc.

  • We adjusted our teaser to focus on the audience we wanted to bring
    • Teaser: Join Georgia Tech STEMComm in the fanciest and nerdiest fashion show of the year! See scientists, designers, and engineers showcase the newest innovations in fashion and wearable science on the runway. Vote on your favorite designs and strut in your own scientific style to win special event giveaways!
  • We vaguely outlined main deadlines up until the event date 

November and December: Storyboard

  • Once we had our idea finalized and approved, we got started
  • We started to figure out main topics and clothing on what we should showcase (like clothing types)
  • We were also figuring out what campus organizations might be interested to collaborate or organization on/off campus. Some that we thought of are listed below:
    • The Hive
    • ID school
    • Beekeeper’s Club
    • Drama Tech


  • With a new semester, we lost some members but we also gained new members. 
  • We got back on track with planning the event
  • Created groups based on what everyone was interested in
  • We started dealing with advertising and marketing 
  • We also finalized the event venue, event date/time
    • Kendeda Building
    • March 11, 2023 at 7pm
  • We also came to an agreement with what items of clothing we will be showcasing and what researchers would be included. 
    • Beekeeper’s suit
    • 3D printing on fabric
    • Tagua nut fashion
    • Wearables and Interactive Product Design Lab (Jim Budd)
  • We started outlining our presentation: what needs to be included, key points, science behind the clothing etc

February + Beginnings of March:

  • Finishing up our presentations on what we will be presenting at the event
  • Each group finalized their script to be within the time limit and to be able to include everything related to the item of clothing, the science behind it and anything else useful 
  • Any last minute venue preparations and items that needed to be brought to the event (not sure who made this)
  • We reached out and kept in contact with our models 
  • We kept up with the marketing and ticket sales
  • We then did a dress rehearsal the day before the event to make sure everything was within time, nothing left out, etc. 

Be sure to tune into my next article where I’ll talk about what my group presented in the showcase and what my role was in the event. Also, what additional tasks we each had to do and help out our fellow classmates.

Claudia is an Biology graduate student at Georgia Tech. She loves photography, traveling, baking, and swimming. In her spare time she enjoys swimming, watching soccer, exploring new places and hanging out with friends. She is excited to research and learn new things in the world of science.