Siena Tetali

Siena is a Neuroscience undergraduate at the Georgia Institute of Technology. Her passions include education, writing and sustainability. When she's not studying or volunteering, she is preoccupied with a new DIY activity or art project.
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today i learned (til)

Nicotine is Dope: a poem on vaping and addiction

What nice etiquette Not to be burning a cigarette. With flavors like Diet Coke Instead of plain old smoke. Youth claim to thrive On something that resembles a flash...

Battle of the Hands: Mittens vs. Gloves

Tis the season for frozen fingers and numb thumbs trying to type on a small phone keyboard. If you’re like me, you like We...

One Piece of the Pie

  Each year at Thanksgiving, I find myself with a heaping plate of absolutely everything available to me. Time and time again I work my...
sodium polyacrylate

Learn How to Make Water Disappear

Learning intricate card tricks and complex hand movements can be overwhelming and hard to execute in front of an eager audience, so here is...

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