Carrera Ortiz

Hello! I am Carrera Ortiz (she/her), a Georgia Tech Alumni (Walking across 05.06.2023) from the School of Physics, with a concentration in astrophysics! I have many interests, but I absolutely love science (space, physics, psychology, engineering, interplanetary, the list is never ending honestly) art, video games, and so much more! I hope you enjoy reading my articles!
4 Articles written
An image of a mechanical keyboard, with the W A S D keycaps removed to expose the blue switches in clear housing in the keyboard
Field Notes

Mechanical Keyboards and the Psychology of ASMR

What are your hobbies? Do you participate in a sport, or do yoga, or grab a paintbrush and make some art? How about something...

Evolution of My Design for The Devil Wears Science

Howdy! In planning for our event, The Devil Wears Science, in the Atlanta Science Festival, I took some initiative in a few spaces. I have...

The JWST Mission – Part 1

With the recent launch almost a year ago of the James Webb Space Telescope , alongside the beautiful pictures released from this grand telescope,...

LaTeX: A Typesetting Guide

As an aspiring scientist, I look to encourage as many people as possible to read what knowledge I can share. Technology has made that...

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