Thursday, January 21, 2021
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Destiny Cobb

Destiny Cobb
Destiny is a 2nd year BME major/Bio minor at Georgia Tech and is a dancer, fencer, and Youtube/Tumblr junkie. Destiny spends most of her time being introvered, going to the Botanical Gardens, consuming absurd quantities of media whenever internet access is available, and reading loads about her varied interests (academic and otherwise), which include but are not limited to: neuroscience, genetics, astronomy, botany, tea, science fiction, and miming. She plans on pretty much living and working at universities for most of her future and looks forward to a career in research.

Neuroethics: expanding horizons

I LOVE science. From genetics to astronomy, neuroscience to botany, this branch of knowledge endears me with its concrete facts, equations, and straightforward answers. Engineering?...

Biology bucket list: algal blooms

Greetings biophiles! What do algal blooms, great white sharks, and okapis all have in common? They’re all absolutely fascinating and they're all on my...

A Trip to the Atlanta Botanical Gardens

This past month I had the absolute pleasure of visiting the Atlanta Botanical Gardens as part of class field trip with my BIOL 4440...