“A Minority In STEM”

A Minority in STEM

You tell me that
“it must be so nice to be gifted in math”
Yet you don’t know how many nights
I spent crying at the kitchen table with my mother

You tell me that
“it must be so nice to a strong woman in stem”
Yet you don’t know how hard I fought for this seat
And now I’m not even a Woman

You tell me that
“you’re bringing in the diversity”
Yet you don’t know how tired I am
Feeling like you still see me as outside

I am so tired

I am so so tired

I know that I’m a part of the change.
I know that I’m fighting
For a future without any blueprints

I don’t need your praise
That comes off as self-survival

Just let me claim my space

VIARuijie Slater
I’m a queer non-binary artist (they/them pronouns please!) currently studying Computational Media at Georgia Tech as a 3rd-year student. With a concentration in People + Interaction Design, my personal style and approach through my art and designs are meant to evoke a viewer’s inner feelings of connection to the world around them.