Legend of Sumeria: A Scientific and Artistic Read

Are you looking for a book to read that’s fun, and action packed with science? Check out Legend of Sumeria! It’s a new graphic novel by co-creators Biju Parekkadan and Jay Webb, with amazing illustrations from lead illustrator Anthony Lagaipa,

In comparison to other graphic novels that I have read, this one definitely has a lot more text in it. While it is a lengthy read, the plot continues throughout the novel at an appropriate pace and is very engaging.

In terms of audience, I would say this is for a more advanced reader. Those starting high school and older are the most appropriate audience for this book.

Regardless that the novel is full of great illustrations, all the facts are indeed scientific. Within the first chapter, I saw diagrams for blood cells, viruses, and chemical reactions. Most of these diagrams are represented through a handwritten diary from the novel’s protagonist, Dr. Bruce Abbot. And don’t worry, no spoilers here! If you want a more thorough background of the main components that the book contains, or how you can get the book, check out the official website here!

Legend of Sumeria Sample
Screenshot (41)
Sample image of some scientific principles in the book!

If you’re someone interested in STEM with artistic hobbies, this book is definitely one that you might want to read. (Check out Joshua Suber’s Charged post and his interview with one of the co-creators on communicating science through art here!)

In just the first chapter, the novel has already mixed sci-fi, action, and art all into paper while keeping a real focus on life sciences and biotechnologies!  Legend of Sumeria is definitely a novel I look forward to finishing this summer!


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*Featured Image:

Parekkadan, B., Webb, J., Lagaipa, A. (2017). Sumeria-book-cover [Digital painting]. http://legendofsumeria.com/.

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Justin Blaylock
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