Owen Gildard

I'm a 5th year senior at Georgia Tech, pursuing a degree in Mechanical Engineering. I became passionate about engineering and physics through classic characters form history such as Archimedes, Newton, and Bill Nye.
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vintage science

England’s Greatest Engineer: Brunel’s Great Ships

Isambard Kingdom Brunel was fascinated with the idea of building steam driven metal ships that could travel across oceans. He calculated that though the...

England’s Greatest Engineer: The Great Western Railway

After living in Bristol for a time, Isambard went on to work on constructing The Great Western Railway (GWR) which would connect Bristol and...

England’s Greatest Engineer: The Eighth Wonder of the World

To Isambard Kingdom Brunel, January 12th, 1828 seemed like just another Saturday morning. Little did he know, it could have been his last. Brunel...

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