Margeaux Comerford

Margeaux is a psychology major at Georgia Tech, who works in cognitive psych research. In addition to working for Charged, Margeaux spends her free time attempting to teach herself guitar, pursuing a passion in photography, and speculating on the time paradoxes created in the show Doctor Who.
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Mistaken concepts: the taste buds

OK, kids, we need to talk. No, you’re not in trouble. The people in trouble are health, anatomy, and psychology teachers who try to...

Let’s Go!: Costa Rica

As a supporter of the “Let’s stop wearing shoes” movement that seems to be taking over the mentality of both young adults and shoe...

Check it out!: SciShow

The concept of a series of YouTube videos specifically designed to teach science is one that may scare the casual viral video watcher away....

Dive Log

In this day and age, it is so very common to lose ourself in the monotony of our daily lives, the sound as our...

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