Sabrina Wilson

Sabrina is a fourth year student studying Computational Media and Industrial Design at Georgia Tech. She enjoys writing about the fantastic and strange, mindlessly scrolling through memes, and drinking a lot of tea.
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today i learned (til)

Rethinking Radiation

In 1896, the French scientist Henri Becquerel observed spontaneous emissions from uranium and called this phenomenon radiation. The first recorded radiation treatment occurred the...

The Birth of a Cyclops

Monstrous, one-eyed giants have prowled around our imaginations for at least 4,000 years - the oldest known description of such a creature was written...

Crunchy Memes for Charged Fiends

Batty or Bacterial?

On The Origin of the Western Vampire The myth of a devilish creature draining the life force (blood) of a community was brought to life...

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