Abby Sim

Abby is a 3rd-year undergraduate student at Georgia Tech majoring in Biology with a pre-med track. She loves all things biology from bacteria and cells to plants and animals. In particular, she enjoys learning about pathology and molecular biology and hopes to one day work in the medical field where she can learn forever. In her free time, Abby enjoys doing arts & crafts with her enormous sticker collection, watching mystery shows, and finding tasty restaurants to try with her friends.
2 Articles written

A Spotlight on Black Licorice and its Darker Side

Black licorice. You either love it or you hate it. Some delight in the intense spice flavor that comes with a bite of licorice...

A Reflection On Divisive Foods: Coconut Water

Everyone’s relationship with food is a unique one and often changes and fluctuates over time. For some, it’s simply a means of survival, and...

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