Feeling creative? You can contribute to Charged Magazine! Here’s how:

Charged Submission Instructions

Charged magazine is a quirky multi-author blog about how science, technology, engineering and math relate to real, live people. Some of our stories are personal accounts of how science or the study of science affects us. Others posts take complicated topics and explain them in a edgy, irreverent, creative way. Submissions should be as fun and easy to read as something you would find in an entertainment or fashion magazine, but should not insult the reader’s intelligence. Each piece should be accompanied by original artwork (drawing, photograph, collage). These do not need to be professional quality, but should provide visual interest and stretch the author’s creativity.

Please email your submission with any associated files or links to: . Your submission will be reviewed by our editors and you will be contacted within 5 days.

Your work will be evaluated on the following criteria:

1) Voice – You are encouraged to write in the first person, reflectively, about your subject. Try to avoid using scientific jargon or formal language. We welcome a variety of writing styles but boring is not one of them.

2) Creative content – Pieces cannot consist only of reposted content with commentary. Each submission must include at least one original creative work (a sketch, photograph, video, audio recording, poem, essay).

3) Subject matter – This magazine is about science, technology, engineering and math. Your submission should relate to these topics in some way.

Sometimes it is difficult for scientists to break free from their usual style of writing. Here’s a handy dandy guide to help you figure out if you’ve loosened up enough while writing your piece. Each Charged submission should be able to be described by two or more of the following adjectives: personal, freaky, edgy, upsetting, inspirational, quirky, cool, fascinating. However, if someone reading your article would tend to use the following adjectives, try again: educational, informational, formal, serious, bland, stuffy, precise.