About Us

Founded by punk rock biologist Jennifer Leavey in 2012, Charged Magazine takes an edgy, irreverent approach to all things math and science. From the physics of bling to the psychology of facebook, Jennifer and her crew of engineers-come-artists, -poets, -musicians and –DIY crafters take science personally.


Alison Burger

Alison Burger - Alison is an undergraduate student at Georgia Tech majoring in Biology and Spanish. Outside of school, she is very passionate about sports, the food network and movies. In her spare time she enjoys playing trivia and going out with her friends!

Alex Gurgis

Alex Gurgis - Alex is an undergraduate student at Georgia Tech passionate about learning how and why things work. She loves reading, writing, and traveling, and spends her spare time listening to podcasts, playing and composing music, and telling bad puns.

Andrew St. James

Andrew St. James - Andrew graduated with his BS in Biology from Georgia Tech in 2013. Since then he has been teaching high school as part of Teach For America in South Carolina. He enjoys reading, spending time with family, and cooking. He is also a black belt, a classically trained pianist, and an occasional gardener. When at home, Andrew is rarely found outside the comforting arms of his Snuggie.

Brooke Bosley

Brooke Bosley - My name is Brooke Bosley and I am a second year masters student in the Digital Media Program at Georgia Institute of Technology.

Catherine Burns - Fifth year Industrial Engineering student @Ga Tech trying to spread some science love!

Caroline Culpepper

Caroline Culpepper - Caroline is an undergraduate Biochemistry major at Georgia Tech, and is a member of the Georgia Tech Cheerleading Team. Aside from this, she is passionate about exploring science through cooking and traveling.

Destiny Cobb

Destiny Cobb - Destiny is a 2nd year BME major/Bio minor at Georgia Tech and is a dancer, fencer, and Youtube/Tumblr junkie. Destiny spends most of her time being introvered, going to the Botanical Gardens, consuming absurd quantities of media whenever internet access is available, and reading loads about her varied interests (academic and otherwise), which include but are not limited to: neuroscience, genetics, astronomy, botany, tea, science fiction, and miming. She plans on pretty much living and working at universities for most of her future and looks forward to a career in research.

Daniel Hoisington

Daniel Hoisington - Daniel is a fifth year senior at Georgia Tech about to graduate in the spring with a BS in Mechanical engineering. Aside from his interest in the physical science he also enjoys board games and science fiction.

Devon King

Devon King - Devon is a senior Biomedical Engineering student at Georgia Tech and studies human physiology for fun. He grew up in Peachtree City, Georgia, a place where golf-carts are a primary mode of transportation. He could ride a bike without training wheels at age two and once got busted by the cops for climbing too high in a tree. He likes most types of music, surfing the internet, recreational sports, movies, outer space and experiencing new things. He enjoys severe weather, snow, dark/overcast days or sunny/clear days but is annoyed by gentle afternoon showers. He likes life to be random and unexpected rather than planned and routine. The take-home message he’s learned from studying biomedical engineering (the “liberal arts” of engineering) is using creative, unorthodox methodology to solve complex problems.

Eileen Zhu

Eileen Zhu - Eileen is currently second year ISYE student at Georgia Tech. She is interested in math, art and sports.

Gemma OConnor

Gemma OConnor - Gemma is a 5th year Industrial Engineering major at Georgia Tech. She is very passionate about climate science and conducts paleoclimate research that uses coral geochemistry to reconstruct temperature records in the central tropical Pacific.

Gordon Waller

Gordon Waller - Gordon is pursuing his PhD in Materials Science and Engineering and conducts research on lithium batteries. He likes cooking, textbooks, internet memes and the great outdoors. His viewpoint on science is that everything is more interesting when you understand how it works, also being able to impress (read annoy) your friends with your techno-lingo is a major perk.

Hollie Blake

Hollie Blake - Hollie is an environmental engineering master’s student at Georgia Tech. She did her undergraduate at the University of Florida. In addition to the environment, she is passionate about photography, music, blogging and traveling. She’s new to Atlanta and gets lost often so help her out if you see her wandering around aimlessly.

Ivan Pham

Ivan Pham - Ivan is a senior undergraduate biomedical engineering major at Georgia Tech. Outside of schoolwork he has interests in cars, eating, kayaking, and traveling. He is also passionate about economics, international affairs, and public health. His short term plan is to attend graduate school and work in medical device R&D.

Justin Blaylock

Justin Blaylock - Justin Blaylock is an undergraduate at the Georgia Institute of Technology, majoring in Biomedical Engineering. He is involved in several engineering clubs on campus, and interested in drug design and delivery and pharmaceutical engineering processes. When Justin is not studying, he enjoys drawing and painting artwork, and completing D.I.Y. (do it yourself) projects.

Jennifer Leavey

Jennifer Leavey - I love to write about science, sing about science, teach about science and DO science! My favorite animal is Apis mellifera, favorite color is 440nm and favorite solvent is EtOH.

Joe Mendelson

Joe Mendelson - Joe Mendelson is a first-generation punk rocker who morphed into research biologist and conservationist. The only drawback to this career path is that his hearing is too damaged from playing in bands to hear the Neotropical frogs that he studies. He publishes in herpetology and conservation under the name Joseph R. Mendelson III and plays co-handles guitars and vocals in the science-punk band Leucine Zipper & The Zinc Fingers, pseudonym Gringo Perdido. He is Director of Research at Zoo Atlanta and an Adjunct Professor in School of Biology at Georgia Tech.

Joshua Suber - 2nd Year ECE student (also minoring in Industrial Design) at the Georgia Institute of Technology. In my free time I like drawing, animation, and visual storytelling.

Kevin Wolfe

Kevin Wolfe - Kevin Wolfe is pursuing his Ph.D. in Marine Biology from Texas A&M University-Corpus Christi. Kevin has had three battleships named after him, including a Belgian vessel. His valor and use of his falcon in battle have earned him the nickname "Hawkguy", which everyone thinks is "Hawkeye" because nobody has ever taken time to fully pronounce the g. As a scientist, he is the cornerstone of all things biology. He once earned a posthumous Nobel Prize, reconstituted his form as a different person, won another Nobel Prize, died again, and reformed a second time. He is currently working on his third Nobel Prize and is considering authoring a book on authoring books. Kevin enjoys breakfast tacos.

Karen Kegel

Karen Kegel - Karen is an undergraduate student at Georgia Tech finishing up two different degrees: a B.S. in Mechanical Engineering and a B.A. in Natural Science. She enjoys video games, cooking, and drawing both with pencil and paper and with CAD.

Katelyn Sturdivant

Katelyn Sturdivant - Katelyn is in her 4th year at Georgia Tech. In her spare time, she likes to hang out with her family, volunteer at Kennestone Hospital, and be crafty. She is a pescatarian and is currently trying to learn the F chord on her acoustic guitar, Gretchen. Katelyn hopes to attend both medical school and graduate school (for a Master's in Public Health).

Lee Wilkes

Lee Wilkes II - Lee Wilkes II is an undergraduate at Georgia Tech studying Biomedical Engineering. He enjoys learning about new cultures, plays 4 instruments, and loves Asian food.

Margeaux Comerford

Margeaux Comerford - Margeaux is a psychology major at Georgia Tech, who works in cognitive psych research. In addition to working for Charged, Margeaux spends her free time attempting to teach herself guitar, pursuing a passion in photography, and speculating on the time paradoxes created in the show Doctor Who.

Michael Evans

Michael Evans - mevans is the lab coordinator of Freshman Chemistry at Georgia Tech. By day, he loves tinkering with chemistry experiments and instruments and helping students discover the RADICAL side of chemistry. By night, he enjoys running, playing chess, and hanging with his wife, dog, and son Wallace.

Sage Kemmerlin

Sage Kemmerlin - Sage Kemmerlin – Sage is an Earth and Atmospheric Science major, specializing in geophysics, at Georgia Tech. In her spare time, she likes to paint and draw, go backpacking, watch various things on Netflix, make dumb jokes, and (when she has the money) travel.

Namrata Kolla - Nam is a double-major in Earth and Atmospheric Sciences and Public Policy at Georgia Tech. She has lived in India, Singapore, Ohio, and Georgia--Atlanta being her favorite. Her biggest dream is to create an eco-city like Masdar City, UAE or Songdo, South Korea in the United States. Nam is also an RA in a freshman residence hall and in her free time, enjoys nerding out on Game of Thrones and The Walking Dead.

Noah Chong - Noah is an undergraduate student at Georgia Tech looking to change the world one step at a time. He loves to hike, stargaze and build computers and spends his spare time dancing, working out and gaming.

Owen Gildard

Richard Gildard - I'm a 5th year senior at Georgia Tech, pursuing a degree in Mechanical Engineering. I became passionate about engineering and physics through classic characters form history such as Archimedes, Newton, and Bill Nye.

Rakiya Winton

Rakiya Winton - RaKiya Winton is a student at Georgia Institute of Technology studying industrial engineering. She also has a degree in mathematics. She enjoys working in the aerospace industry to find new ways to improve processes.

Sahil Ramakrishnan

Sahil Ramakrishnan - Sahil Ramakrishnan is an Industrial and Systems Engineering student at Georgia Tech who enjoys movies, TV shows, and reading. You can follow him on twitter @sahil_ramakr

Tymirra Smith - Hi guys! I am third year Industrial Design major at Georgia Tech. I fell in love with STEM in middle school and have been pursuing it ever since. I'm so excited to be creating content for you guys!

Wendy Wei

Wendy Wei - Wendy is a second-year ISYE student in Georgia Tech. She loves traveling, listening to concerts and hanging out with her friends outside classes.

Charley Winter

Charley Winter - Charlie is a 4th year pre-medicine undergrad and a volunteer in the ER at Atlanta Medical Center. Between GT tests and projects, he maintains a steampunk jewelry business and is an avid outdoors enthusiast.

Will Martin

Will Martin - William is a second year Computational Media student at Georgia Tech studying Game Design. He is currently in a Co-Op with Cartoon Network, and loves long walks on the beach (if the sand isn't too hot).

Zoha Naqawe

Zoha Naqawe - Hi I'm a physics and biology undergrad at Georgia Tech with a love for fun facts, poetry, and science!